Vipra Foundation has provided 103 interest-free education loans uptil today. We have also provided 520 scholarships so far. We aspire to continue our efforts to support the students and help them reach their dreams.

Students must worry only about their academics.
Lets us worry about the rest!

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“Vipra Foundation is one of the
top in my list of credits for
what I am today. Sincere
– Manishi Sharma

“विप्र के सहयोग से मैंने
B.Ed.किया ज़िन्दगी बदल
गयी, आभार”
– सुनीता शर्मा

“Ultimate regards to vipra Committe
members for initiating such a valuable
scholarship section and helping us be
our best”
– Govind Prasad Sharma